Refund and Returns Policy

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellations and denials rules.

1.1. By using the Atithiseva service, you acknowledge and agree that even after confirming the booking of the Airport Services, the Service Providers reserve the right to cancel the booking or deny the provision of the booked Airport Services (hereinafter referred to as Cancellations and Denials).

1.2. Each Airport Service Provider establishes Cancellations and Denials rules independently, including:

  • terms of cancellation initiated by the Service Provider
  • terms of cancellation initiated by the User
  • terms of Provider’s denial to provide the Airport Services
  • terms of User’s refusal to receive the Airport Services
  • chargeback policy in case of Cancellations and Denials

The above Cancellations and Denials terms are specified in the Information about the Airport Services posted by Providers.

1.3. In case of cancellation/denials of the booked airport services by the service provider, you will be notified by the service provider directly by phone/email provided by you at the time of booking.

1.4. A request to cancel a booking at the initiative of the User must be sent by the user via his or her personal account before 48 hours of the actual time of the service opted for.  Cancellation policy may differ from one service provider to another and Atithiseva will follow the cancellation policy of the principal service provider applicable for a particular airport/booking.