1. How to register?
  • In order to register for the service, visit the website https://atithiairportseva.com and enter the personal information as requested in the site.
  1. Does the service work without Internet connection?
  • Internet service is necessary to use the Atithi Airport Seva.
  • To use the booked service, an email with the booked confirmation code loaded in your email should suffice.
  1. How soon in advance do I have to book at Atithi Airport Seva Services?
  • The booking can be done 30 days prior / 24 hours in advance of flight time in order to receive immediate confirmation on payment.
  • If you book less than 24 hours before arrival/departure to/from Airport, booking will not be accepted by the portal and request should be via email care@atithiairportseva.com and subject to confirmation.
  1. Why do I need to enter my personal details?
  • To notify confirmation/changes if any and for future reference.
  1. What are the available facilities?
  • Arrival Porter Service and Meet & Greet
  • Departure Porter Service and Meet & Greet
  • Transit Facilitation – pls email us at care@atithiairportseva.com to check availability of this service
  1. What if I can’t log in to the website?
  • Make sure that all mandatory fields are filled appropriately.
  • Check if you have already registered at the Atithi Airport Seva portal earlier proceed with the previous registered details.
  • Reset the “Password Recovery” option by clicking on the link “Forgot password”.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, please contact us by mail  to care@atithiairportseva.com.
  1. How do I opt for the required service?
  • Fill in the Self explanatory drop down options under booking
  • specify the current contact information (phone number in international format, current e-mail);
  • Enter your payment card details and pay for the booking thru the payment gateway
  • A confirmation code/ voucher will be sent to the e-mail specifying the booked service.
  • The created booking and the history/ status can be viewed in the personal account of the guest on the official website – atithiairportseva.com
  1. Can I book a service for someone/multiple pax, and where can I see my booking?
  • Yes, booking can be done for self/ family/friends/colleagues or any bona fide passenger.
  • Once the booking is done for the relevant passenger for whom the service is for, upon receiving the letter with a voucher confirmation the same needs to be transferred to the respective passenger specified in the booking.
  • Mention the number of pax while booking for the multiple entries & services.
  • Your booking can be viewed in the personal account of the guest on the official website – atithiairportseva.com
  1. Is it necessary to enter the ticket data when booking services?
  • Please enter all the details as per the requirement which includes arrival /departure airport, flight number, the date and time of the travel plans.
  1. Where do I need to go at the airport?
  • The passenger should contact the airport staff at the airport meeting point

Detailed instructions are indicated in the voucher and also will be communicated by     back end team as well as airport team.


  1. What payment options are available?
  • We have the payment gateway updated in the portal for you to complete the booking process and payment. The options are listed below!

To pay for the services you can use credit /debit cards filling the appropriate fields in the forms such as

  • Name of the card holder
  • Card number – 16 digits on the front side of the card
  • CVV code – 3 digits on the reverse side of the card. If there are more digits, enter the last 3.
  • If there is no such code on the card, contact the bank that issued the card to clarify the details; Card validity, month and year indicated on the front side of the card.

Upon confirmation of the payment, an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email id.

Also UPI and bank transfers are available

  1. Can I book for my service and pay later?
  • No, payment should be made along with the booking.
  1. What should I do if I cannot make the payment at the time of booking?
  • Check for the following possible reasons
  • Insufficient funds or amount limitations on online payments;
  • Payment card has not passed the anti-fraud check;
  • Technical reasons.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact us by e-mail care@atithiairportseva.com or according to the contact details specified on the official website of the atithiairportseva.com

  1. How to alter my booking?
  • To make any changes in an existing booking, go to the personal account under “Bookings” section and create a new one with the latest data. You may also write into care@atithiairportseva.com with your date change request up to 48 hours before your scheduled flight arrival/departure time.
  • Bookings cannot be altered /changed/cancelled less than 48 hours before your scheduled flight arrival/departure time.


  1. What is the booking confirmation code and what is it for?
  • Confirmation of the service booked through the Atithiairportseva.com is only a voucher with a booking code, which is sent to the buyer to the e-mail specified during registration.
  • Simply present the voucher with the confirmation code to the Airport staff before using the service, or to dictate a letter code as specified in the voucher.
  • The confirmation QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that contains encrypted information about your booking.
  1. Do I need to print the voucher with the booking confirmation code?
  • There is no need to print the voucher; it can be presented directly from your smart phone.
  1. What if the voucher did not come, but the money was written debited?
  • Check if all the information are correct in your personal account
  • Check spam folder of your email;
  • Contact Atithiseva Airport support service by an e-mail, care@atithiairportseva.com


  1. How can I cancel a booking?
  • In order to cancel a booking an email has to be sent to care@atithiairportseva.com before 48hrs of your travel otherwise you will be considered as a No Show and No refunds will be allowed.
  1. What is the minimum and maximum cancellation period/ Refund procedure?
  • A cancellation request will be entertained only before 48hrs of the travel. Any cancellation done within 48hrs of your travel will attract penalties as this portal is governed by the rules of the various airport operators. For more information, contact the support team by e-mail care@atithiairportseva.com  or at the contact information listed on the official website.
  • If the passenger cancelled the booked service, the amount will be returned to the bank from which the payment was made and it depends on the internal policies and rules of the airport and it usually takes up to 14 days from the date of cancellation.
  1. Can I get a refund to another bank card?
    Refunds are made only to the Bank card in which the payment was made.

Thank you for using Atithiseva Meet & Greet